Welcome to our marquee fundraiser, the Spikes Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle. Click the links below to download and view files. Daily drawings begin December 12th.

Our Prize List is Awesome and Includes Drawings for $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000 Cash!

Congratulations to our winners! Click on the PDF below to see a complete list. The players, parents and coaches of the Spikes Baseball Club thank you for your support!   Winners Click Here to Choose Your Settlement Option!

Super Bowl Payouts:

First Quarter: $200

Second Quarter: $200

Third Quarter: $200

Fourth Quarter: $200

Final Score: $200

Total Payout: $1,000

March Madness Payouts:


First Round Games: $5

Second Round Games: $10

Sweet 16 Games: $20

Elite 8 Games: $40

Final 4 Games: $80

Championship Game: $200

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