Spikes Baseball, per its bylaws, is managed on a day-to-day basis by its General Manager and Assistant General Manager.  These administrative positions are responsible for executing the daily affairs of the organization. For more information on these positions, please select Members from the Links drop-down menu or access it by clicking here.



The board of directors of Spikes Baseball expanded to eleven members for the 2020 fiscal year. The board includes two permanent members, Mike King and Randy McGill. Mike King founded the Spikes in 2012 and Randy McGill, owner of Diamond Dreams, was his first assistant. The current board also includes original board members Eric Neff and Tyler Weisel. Spikes Manager Jim Hilton was invited to join the board in 2019. The board added six members for 2020; these members will serve a two year term. The board will hold an election in the spring of 2020 to fill any open board seats. 


The organization's nominating committee will be accepting applications for open seats beginning in March. An application will be available on this website.

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